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Feb 02, 2009 - 12:41PM by FanBolt
Heroes faces a challenge that would daunt any TV superhero as it begins a new run of episodes tonight in this, its third and most troubled season.

Heroes' initially puffed-up ratings have deflated like Spidey's spirits after a breakup with Mary Jane, and comic-book aficionados and Heroes worshippers alike are hoping for a miraculous resurrection. If tonight's mini-premiere is any indication, though, there's reason to hope.

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Feb 01, 2009 - 2:23PM by FanBolt
NBC's Heroes returns Monday at 9 pm/ET, but can the troubled series get back on track? To hear Hayden Panettiere and Greg Grunberg (aka Claire and Matt) tell it, the new "Fugitives" arc has the makings of a comeback, as it "gets the band back together" toward a common, self-preserving goal.

"The government gets involved with taking people like us down and capturing us," Panettiere says in the video shown below. Ultimately, after what Grunberg describes as "a huge cliffhanger," the hunted heroes are afforded a chance to elude capture. "We all go on the run," previews Panettiere, "and eventually come up with a plan" to get back at the government - Homeland Security head Nathan included! "It's really cool," adds Claire Bear's portrayer.

At the 1:00 mark, Panettiere also teases character interactions like viewers have never seen before.

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Jan 20, 2009 - 12:15PM by FanBolt
We are Benny & Rafi Fine; one of the most popular filmmakers on the web, and creators of one of it's most popular web series called "LOST: What Will Happen Next?" (a parody of the real LOST TV show that is coming back for a 5th season this Wednesday). The first season of our series was such a huge success (over 4 million views!) that the comedy company "Just For Laughs" has come on board to help us bring a brand new season to the world.

Every episode, various action figures show up on the island and cause havoc, and to start our new season off with a bang, Claire, Mohinder, Sylar and Parkman appear in this episode (Claire and Mohindor will actually be in every episode from now on).

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Jan 19, 2009 - 3:42PM by FanBolt
The episode guide has been updated for the following episodes:

3.48 A Clear and Present Danger
3.49 Trust and Blood
3.50 Building 26
3.51 Cold Wars
3.52 Exposed
3.53 Shades Of Gray

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Jan 18, 2009 - 3:29PM by FanBolt
TIM KRING, creator of sci-fi show Heroes, says the next story arc will "pretty much start from scratch" following plummeting ratings and widespread criticism of the previous two sets of episodes.

Speaking about the upcoming fourth volume, Kring told TV Guide: "There is almost nothing that the audience needs to know from the previous volume in order to follow the storyline."

Angela Bromstad, the president of primetime entertainment for US TV network NBC, which makes the programme, conceded that Heroes had taken on too many characters and stories but said the network was committed to continuing the show.

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Jan 18, 2009 - 3:26PM by FanBolt
Heroes Returns to Roots in Midseason Reboot
Heroes will go back to its roots in its midseason return, trying to win new viewers and recapture those turned off by too many characters and plotlines.

"This volume starts us pretty much from scratch," creator Tim Kring said in a statement Thursday. "There is almost nothing that the audience needs to know from the previous volume in order to follow the storyline."

The reboot may be arriving just in time to save the show, which has faltered in ratings and irritated many fans since it's successful debut season.

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